Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Lives of Others

Lives of Others:

Saw this movie at a fabulous movie theatre -- food is served by wait staff and tables are provided at your media chair -- comfy .
All these extras add to the movie experience.
About the movie--- a German film --I copied this below to set the "stage" for you:

FILM SYNOPSISIn East Berlin in 1984, the secret police organization, Stasi, conducts extensive surveillance operations against any East German citizen suspected of opposing the Communist regime. When Captain Gerd Weisler begins monitoring the daily life of the playwright Georg Dreyman, he finds himself increasingly unwilling to betray his subject's private moments to his superiors.

Movie is dark--- as in color which fits perfectly with the East Berlin setting and the dark motives . . . I happened to be at a conference when I ducked out for a few hours to see this movie. Interesting that the morning keynote speaker told a story from her past about how one person -- she never knew the persons name and never saw again-- made a huge impact --a life changing/life giving difference in her life --- Well , Lo' and behold !-- guess what one of the movie themes was ?
That exact message from my morning speaker ! Love it when that happens!

Even if subtitles bother you -- oh! get over it and bump up your taste -- foreign films jolt you -- inspire you -- have a air of art and meaning that you might miss if you say " I don't do
subtitles". It is 2007 -- join the 2000's!
Seeing the world form different eyes is a good thing. I promise .
This movie won Best Foreign Film this year --2007--and I see why. . .gripping story--- you feel for each main character--- and glimpse the evil that humans can possess,you can witness the character's motives --- b/c ,you, as the viewer are a voyeur just as are the Secret Police are --interesting twist. Caused me to wonder --- " What would I do in this situation ?"

I really am obsessed with WW2 and the cold war ----so I particularly found this movie to be profound.
Ask yourself:
What would you do ? From each character's point of view . Who am I ? Am I true to my beliefs?
Can one person make a difference? Can I? Can you?
Perhaps we in this country will or do face these questions . . .
Thought provoking movie -- my friend and I talked about the movie again and again after seeing it -- a movie that climbs into your soul.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Notes on a Scandal

Notes on a Scandal
Just returned home from this movie.
Powerful performances by Judi Dench and Cate Blanchett – both Oscar nominees this year.
How does anyone ever choose “the best “ performance?
These two women portrayed their parts masterfully.
Judi Dench’s character was “creepy” from the moment we first saw her on the screen .
Blanchett was equally riveting – in a different way.
My friend and I commented after the movie – “No--- this movie is not for everyone “
Yet – I enjoy being forced to think out of my comfort zone.
Layers of issues in this movie.
Great acting.
Glad I saw it.
Definitely a “go get coffee and talk -abut -afterwards “movie.


Liked that this movie was based on a true story.
Very interesting story.
If you like complex people and national issues I think you will enjoy this movie.
Certainly a breach .Wow!

Little Children

Little Children
This is a movie I had been reading about and finally went to the big city to see -- at an upscale movie theater -- you can even eat dinner in the movie –great idea.
They also serve wine and beer if you are so inclined.
Anyway – this movie is not for everyone .
I wanted to see Kate Winslet (different than Cate Blanchett (Notes on a Scandal) – my husband acts as if he doesn’t know the difference between the 2 ) He also gets a very confused look on his face when I tell him Judi Dench (Notes on a Scandal) and Helen Merrin (Queen) are two different people.
What can I say ??????????????
His best movies of 2007 are The Departed, Batman and 007 --- that is why this is MY blog.
Anyway. . back to Little Children----Kate Winslett doesn’t seem to be acting – she
comes across so naturally raw--- her character is full of pain and emotion – Winslet delivers a fine performance.
One of those artistic “thinking “ movies..

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Well, I see we have some interest in CoCo's comments --several folks have asked about any new movies ----here goes:
Music and Lyrics :
Drew Barrymore is one of my favorites -- she is bubbly and bright --as in she shines "so bright" filling up the screen with "feel good"--- as usual ,Hugh Grant is adorable as an 80's "has been".
Loved watching him dance . . . and was that his real voice singing ????Cute movie. . . for a light evening or afternoon--- just for fun.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

About CoCo Flicks . . .

1. I hope to let you know what movies I enjoy and why--- without rating them. . .where did that get started anyway?

2. I will most certainly overuse words as in :
Like --love it -- wonderful -- so this will not be a grammar perfect blog--Yeah!

3. Sometimes I will discuss TV shows and stage productions . . . just depends on where the spirit leads me. Maybe throw in a song I am enjoying here and there-- we will see.

4. Who rates movies anyway ?? And decides if we like what we see -- so -- on Coco Flicks I will write about characters---- scenes ---- actors excelling at their craft to ME! the aim here is to enjoy and be lifted out of your everyday life . . . Not award shows or ratings. . . rating is not the goal of Coco's Flicks. So if you are super picky -- oops! you might think this is a bit sappy -- that's cool.

5. Awards -- I love to Oscar "watch" --in fact I am trying to view as many nominated films as possible before the end of Feb. HOWEVER -- I maintain in my heart that I ,Coco, am the the ultimate decider --for me-- about a performance in a film. Sometimes I wish a nomination was the the "win"----- it's so subjective .

6. The only important criteria is . . . if I enjoy the movie and it speaks to Me. . . Coco.

Vintage Classic Love Movies for Valentine Month

Since is February --- the "love "month" -- I guess someone decided to bring out on DVD some old classics.

I saw one today being advertised --- A Summer Place--with Sandra Dee and Troy Donahue (Loved that movie! I have seen it so many times.
Love the theme song . . . A Summer Place. . . "bells will be ringing . . ."
Years ago I even learned to play it on the piano.

Speaking of "old" love classics:
What about Splendor in the Grass ???? Maybe one of my all time favorites! Truly.
Sweet, sad and bittersweet --
It stars Natalie Wood and Warren Beatty

Get out the Kleenex --Boo Hoo-- Boo Hoo !!
To quote:
Tho' nothing can bring back the hour. . ."
See the movie and you will be looking up poetry. I promise.

And another love classic "go to" for me is Roman Holiday --with, yes, once again starring that cutie---Troy Donahue--- and Suzanne Pleschette (I must have really liked Troy)
Again -- loved the music and the story --so romantic.